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Access to Success: A Dream, Motivation, and a Winning Attitude! (virtual)
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Paul Wichansky LLC
Paul Wichansky

Freehold , NJ 07728

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A motivational speaker with 42 years of experience, since age 10, I host programs that help transform fear and ignorance into kindness, respect, and admiration for those who strive to rise above adversity. Youth and educators learn the wisdom to recognize our strength in diversity, the confidence to minimize bullying, and the motivation to realize dreams. As a former special needs student, I share captivating anecdotes that have enabled me to triumph over cerebral palsy and hearing loss. These stories elicit a cascade of emotions in my audiences that help them find the courage and confidence to navigate life's challenges, igniting a spark of hope and optimism that leads to happiness and success. My overall objectives: * instill in youth and teens the courage and confidence to try their best; * increase our understanding of those different in background or disability; * encourage students to treat classmates with kindness and respect; * promote hope and optimism to counter subtle ignorance or fear; * boost self-confidence to avoid bullying and learn to resolve such experiences; * replace self-doubt with optimism, confidence, and resilience; * inform teens about the inherent dangers of cyberbullying; and * motivate students to realize their goals and dreams. On an emotional level, these programs teach students to release self-doubt, fear, or loneliness when faced with adversity -- such as an encounter with a bully -- and instead helping them harness the power of love, empathy, and forgiveness. By recalling my own experiences being physically bullied in school, and other stories, these stories also encourage your students to share their feelings and appreciate the talents and uniqueness of their peers too. Each program includes a captivating documentary video (skydiving, scuba diving, my paintings, etc) -- by sharing my screen. I also have an interactive Q&A using the chat messaging box and I answer students' questions with honesty and humor. My new book, "Yes I Can! Lessons Learned From A Life Less Ordinary," published in October 2022, has become an Amazon best-seller in special education. Through the use of engaging stories, it gives youth and adults the tools they need -- self-love, a positive attitude, a strong support group, perseverance, resilience, empathy, and others -- to build self-esteem, appreciate our diversity, and provide support for those constantly bullied. I even donate two signed books to school libraries in districts that I visit. ADDITIONAL DETAILS ON FEE: Unchanged during the past few years due to my passion for these programs! Maximum of two virtual 60-minute assemblies on same day. You can either use my Zoom account or I can use your district Zoom account. CONTACT DETAILS FOR INQUIRES AND SCHEDULING: Email is preferred. For telephone contacts, please leave detailed voice mail and I will promptly return your call. Website: My speaking background and online resume:

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Cost Single: $1250
Cost Multiple: $1000

60 minutes