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Virtual - Digital Painting and Drawing with Photoshop
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David O. Miller
David Miller

East Northport , NY 11731

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Instructor: David O. Miller ( In this virtual digital painting and illustration workshop students will learn to combine technology and creativity by creating a digital painting from a still life, a photo, or a sketch drawn from their own imagination using Adobe Photoshop. To make my lesson delivery meaningful, exciting and inspiring, and to combat student boredom, I utilize my many years of experience working in the fine art field, the power of my enthusiastic personality, and many innovative teaching techniques. My intent is to help students foster diverse, non-gender specific life skills such as problem solving, perseverance, initiative, creativity, and responsibility, as well as build both creative thinking and computer skills that will introduce and prepare them for possible careers in the video game, film, graphic design and illustration fields. My workshop can be tailor-made to build upon techniques already covered in your previous Photoshop classes and will cover, but not be limited to, the tools used in digital art such as brushes, mixer brushes, layers, selections, digital sketching, photographic reference, and more. Workshop will be held virtually using Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom, or any other online meeting software your district utilizes. (About the instructor: David is a former artist for both “Dungeons and Dragons” and U.S. Space Camp, as well as a huge “Geek” when it pertains to Pop Culture. Currently David is an independent contractor that makes his living as a digital illustrator, graphic designer and educator.) (STEM, CTE, and ICT integration)

Media Arts (MA), Visual Arts (VA) ,

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3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,Professional Development

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Arts: Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts , Technology Education , ,

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Cost Single: $350
Cost Multiple: +$50 each additional class

45 minutes