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Broadway Plus - In-Person Broadway Artist Masterclass
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Broadway Plus VIP Services LLC
Broadway Plus

New York , NY 10019
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Join a Broadway artist in NYC or at your school for a masterclass in Group Dance, Vocal, or Acting, Rehearsal Masterclass, or Acting Through Song. Group Q&A Now is your chance to learn backstage secrets and ask cast members anything! Learn how they got their big break, the challenges of the show, and how they maintain excellence performing professionally. We recommend having two artists join to hear multiple perspectives. Group Dance Class One dancer from the show of your choice will join the group. They’ll start off with a brief warm-up, then teach a combo from their respective show (suitable for all levels), and allow for Q&A at the end of the class. Classes are tailored towards all ages and levels. Group Sing-Along/Vocal Class One artist from the show of your choice will join the group. They will start off with vocal warmups and exercises and then work on a song from their respective show, or a song of their choice. (there can be opportunities for students to sing solo lines), and then we will leave time for a Q&A. Group Acting Class One artist from the show of your choice will join your group to lead group-based acting exercises and games. The class may include improvisation, movement for actors, and character work. Additionally, it may be tailored to align with your drama curriculum. We’ll leave time for a Q&A. This is a great option for larger groups, so every student can get the chance to work. Acting Through Song Masterclass Our artists are here to provide expert coaching to the next generation of performers. One artist will join the group to provide individualized feedback on select students’ 16-32 bar cuts or a 1-minute monologue. 90-minutes First hour to coach 6-8 select students Last half hour will be a Q&A for all 60-minutes First 40-minutes to coach 4-5 select students Last 20-minutes will be a Q&A for all Rehearsal Masterclass Is your school currently putting on a production? Let’s rehearse! Perform and receive feedback on your actual production number(s) from an artist who has performed professionally in that show. Additionally, there will be a brief Q&A.

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