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Ceramics - Pottery - Clay :Large Forms inspired by the Ancient world and today
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Jacqueline Fischer
Jackie Fischer

Round Top , NY 12473

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In school intensive full day workshop Each workshop includes a slide show of my personal journey into the arts. This will start from my entrance into the arts back in high school where I was guided away from the arts by guidance counselors and administration. I’ve found this to be helpful to mention as many students can relate to this. I’ll discuss how perseverance, determination, hard work and elbow grease has landed me scholarships, grants, shows and teaching opportunities that enable me to travel to craft schools and residencies to continue making work. I’ll show the evolution of my work and include works in process from different studios throughout the years. This introduction will last about 30 minutes concluding with 15 minutes of questions. I’ll continue with about 30 minutes of demonstrations and disperse materials for hands-on building. At this point I'll make my rounds to meet with each student and troubleshoot their project ideas and the best way to construct them. I’ll call the class over to discuss which method of building would be best depending on the desired outcome as there is no one way to make something. This workshop focuses on giving students the necessary skills to create large vessels. Students will be asked to find references of Vessels from Ancient Egypt, China, Mesopotamia or from contemporary artists. -hand-building on a larger scale helps beginner students quickly adapt to the properties of clay and respond to the material quicker than something small. This method of construction [coil-building] is the oldest method of building with clay, allows for lots of adjustments to form and scale for a beginner student, causes you to be attentive to the material. -discuss the benefits of hand-building and the freedom/ability to build in a gestural way, why this is helpful. -ask students to choose or draw a silhouette to mimic for their vessel – a blueprint/reference photo is VITAL to making a successful shape, make this mandatory, this will help assist them in achieving the shape they want too. -brief demo on darting or cutting down – show them how to edit a shape that’s not going in the direction (shape-wise) that they’re going for. Clay can be provided for an additional fee: 150$ will provide us with 200 pounds of clay.

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Cost Single: 1250
Cost Multiple: 1000

360 minutes