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Virtual - Multicultural Ceramic Arts
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Day in Clay
Cliff Mendelson

Tomkins Cove , NY 10986

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Interactive Live Webinar: Multicultural Potter’s Wheel Ceramic Arts Program What is it? In this program for grades K-12, students will have access to a live, interactive, multimedia webinar via Zoom or G/Meet or other platforms. I will be present throughout the whole program. The webinar will consist of multiple potter’s wheel video segments, photo slide show with voice over, and a live question and answer sessions. Teachers will be provided with a downloadable checklist of arts activities for the coming year. What is it about? The webinar is the virtual form of my in-person multicultural wheel program. I teach this in the same style that I would teach my college classes, so it is educational, challenging, engaging, and entertaining. Day in Clay webinar exposes students to the hands-on creative process as if they were standing right in the artist studio and witness how an artist thinks. Students marvel as a wet lump of clay is transformed into classic ceramic shapes and forms and a work of art. Students will be exposed to a variety of cultures - Native American, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Latin American, African – to understand how the art of clay work and pottery has manifested in the world and discuss the diverse cultures, civilizations, and the technology from which the art of clay emerged. Through the potter’s wheel video segments and the photo slideshow, students see how a cultures, patterns, symbols, imagery, and designs can relate to other disciplines, i.e., architecture, clothing, software designs…. We will explore how these cultural characteristics have influenced their art. They become part of the design process, learning advanced techniques and the science behind glazing, painting, and firing. Exploring these designs and the creative process is key in understanding how each culture tells their unique story through three-dimensional art. Q and A throughout the program.

Visual Arts (VA), Social Studies ,

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Cost Single: $350
Cost Multiple: $1550.00

60 minutes