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Virtual Staff Development (multilevel)
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Day in Clay
Cliff Mendelson

Tomkins Cove , NY 10986

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VIRTUAL DAY IN CLAY for ARTS FACULTY is a teaches staff how to bring clay in to the classroom with applied lesson plans and advanced instruction. Staff LOVES the opportunity to work in clay with a college level professor. Day in Clay is a multi-cultural ceramic arts program for K–12 and special needs for over 25 years, offering professional development for teachers of the arts. Virtual Day in Clay for Staff (and on-site in NY/CT/NJ) provides the techniques, cultural history and hands-on problem-solving to bring clay into the classroom. The training mirrors my college-level teaching. Lessons are cultural inspired by Native/Latin American, Asian, African, and Greek ceramics. Virtual Staff Training is highly interactive and includes studio-based demonstrations and ready-to-go lesson plans – please request a demo! (914) 715-1915 I am a practicing artist working in clay for many years since obtaining my arts degree at Tufts University and the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. I am now offering an engaging new interactive virtual staff development webinar inspired by 25 years of teaching hands on artist in residence programs in k – 12 schools and colleges. Taught like my college classes, Staff development is custom-tailored to meet the needs of your school’s faculty. You will be amazed at what we can do on-line with live demonstration. I will provide a variety of advanced techniques that can be integrated into your classroom. The best way to problem-solve with your students is a hands-on approach, learning the limits of the materials to advance their success. You will learn the science behind glazing, painting, and firing. My approach to multicultural lesson plans ranges from Asia, Africa, Latin America and beyond. My experience is teachers love making work with me and trying out the tools and instructions that they can bring into the classroom. Obviously, HS teachers will have a different need and skill level than a K classroom teacher. If your intentions are on the potter's wheel and kiln tutorial, then that is fine too. I will also include a slideshow of the Day in Clay program in schools. This is a good time for questions and answers relating to bringing clay into the classroom and 30 years of my personal experiences with students in a 3D medium. Participants leave with the satisfaction of a direct hands on experience. I.e. tile / vessel / mask making, potter’s wheel techniques, painting, and kiln safety. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Visual Arts (VA), Social Studies ,

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Cost Single: $1500.00
Cost Multiple: $1600.00

180 minutes