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Career Day Inc. Virtual Full Day Program
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Career Day Inc.
Beth Bucheister

Oyster Bay , NY 11771

Program Description
The Career Day Inc. Virtual Full Day Program is a truly unique experience where students are connected virtually with a large variety of speakers from diverse careers and backgrounds, sharing their stories and insights about their careers, and inspiring students towards personal and professional success through career choice awareness. Career Day Inc. reaches out to the school alumni and local professionals to be speakers, as well as professionals from across the country. Our program creates an atmosphere of acceptance and career opportunity for all students. We emphasize the importance of setting goals and using education to achieve one's aspirations by providing a forum for every student to feel valued and confident in the future. The virtual program begins with an empowering assembly by a keynote speaker. Students are then assigned to designated classrooms based on their individual interests, where they can learn and interact with professionals about their career paths in a small group setting. Students will be surprised to learn how artists, plumbers, engineers, and electricians, for example, use math in their jobs, or a love of drawing helped the careers of surgeons and architects. All students participating in the program are invited to apply for the Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship. It is a $1000 scholarship awarded to a student in each school who demonstrates the impact that Career Day had on their future education, goals, or training. This scholarship additionally motivates students to establish future contacts with job and mentoring opportunities. Career Day Inc.'s Virtual Full Day Program is tailored to the needs and schedules of each school. Career Day Inc. enhances its offerings and demonstrates to students that unfamiliar challenges can often lead to powerful new beginnings.

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Cost Single: $3500 max. 1000 students, $4500 max. 2500 students
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360 minutes