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Abigail Adams, Americas First, Second Lady (Virtual)
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Sheryl Faye Miniscalco
Sheryl Faye

Amesbury , MA 01913

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New* Abigail Adams On-Line Program. Professionally pre-recorded with two cameras, creating an immersive atmosphere for the students. Teacher materials are sent ahead of time. The day before you will be sent a link and a password, simply click the link, enter the password and that is it. Very easy to use and no limit to how many can watch. This program will also include a live q&a following the performance which will be set up by your school on whatever platform you use and then I will join the meeting in costume. Abigail Adams is sometimes considered to have been a founder of the United States and is now designated as the first Second Lady and second First Lady of The United States. Adams’s life is one of the most documented of the first ladies: she is remembered for the many letters she wrote to her husband while he stayed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the Continental Congresses. John frequently sought the advice of Abigail on many matters, and their letters are filled with intellectual discussions on government and politics. In one of her more famous letters she implores her husband and his colleagues, all of whom were male, to, “…remember the ladies…If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation.” Her letters also serve as eyewitness accounts of the American Revolutionary War home front. This story starts off as an adult and goes back through her childhood and then back to an adult again. This program ties in nicely to connecting and responding to the state learning standards of learning about social justice issues and encouraging leadership. The show is 45 minutes with questions. RELATED CURRICULUM SUGGESTIONS Women’s History Biographies American Revolution US History Character Education

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45 minutes