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...And SEEN! (Virtual)
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Sofiya Cheyenne Brown
Sofiya Cheyenne

Hicksville , NY 11801

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SEEN (Virtual Workshops available) is a student centered theatre improv class that will teach empathy, leadership and other important life skills to the youth. Through improvisation and theatrical expression we have created a hands-on approach to learning about self identity and impact on the world. Using exercises in theatre, improv, meaningful play, creative writing, and storytelling, we build self-esteem and confidence in our students so they can tackle the world like the incredible leaders they are! With empathy and empowerment at the center of this workshop the students will be SEEN in their craft, in their peers, and in themselves. Workshops are subject to change based on age and size of group. I can even adjust my lesson to the specific needs of students ( i.e. bullying, self awareness, social awareness, social/emotional skills, confidence, leadership, team building ) Sofiya is a New York based multi-disciplinary performance artist, teaching artist, and disability advocate/consultant. She has appeared on television shows such as “At Home With Amy Sedaris” on TrueTV, “StartUP” on Netflix, and “Loudermilk” on AmazonPrime. She is in the Disability Working Groyp for the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers, the Access Council for ART NY and the Co-Chair of The Dwarf Artist Coalition of Little People of America. She has been teaching various arts practices for ages 2-18 for over ten years throughout New York City. Through sharing her story, she encourages the power of community, self-expression and storytelling. Her lessons are centered on themes of identity, and inclusive language and as a result, students build empathy for their friends and thinking through an anti-bullying lens. Sofiya believes engaging students about her disability and the use of “meaningful play” is the best way to bring up our future leaders of the world!!

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45 minutes