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Orchestra Long Island Performance Partners
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Long Island Orchestra, Inc.
Jane Park

Melville , NY 11747
(631) 271-0676

Program Description
Orchestra Long Island (OLI) offers residencies for school orchestras and bands. The program includes sectional rehearsals, intense coaching sessions and personal interaction with professional musicians, full rehearsals, and a public side-by-side concert. Music teachers and OLI Music Director David Stewart Wiley (subject to availability) work together to choose the music. The program is designed to help students develop a lifelong interest in music and open their minds to the opportunities available to them through music. Students gain advanced ensemble skills such as listening across the orchestra and learning to work better as a musical team. They also have the opportunity to increase their technical skills in a creative and dynamic atmosphere, gain in-depth knowledge of symphonic music and to be challenged at their highest artistic level. During ten hours of in-depth coaching, students and professionals work on the technical details and nuances of the music, in preparation for the conductor's rehearsal with a professional conductor who will also lead the combined orchestras on concert night. On concert day, there is a three hour dress rehearsal led by the professional conductor, followed by a formal evening concert for parents, students and the community. Students perform beside their coaches and Orchestra Long Island. Residency opportunities include student soloists, music teachers conducting a concert selection, commissioned works, and combined performances of multiple student performing groups(ie.,orchestra and chorus). Participating students are guests of OLI at master classes, rehearsals and concerts, subject to availability. Education department staff work with teachers and administrators to customize each residency, schedule the events, plan the details and provide support. Residencies may vary according to the needs of each school's music program. Costs vary according to program needs.

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Cost Single: $23,000
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180 minutes