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Mindfulness: Freedom Within - In person
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Brian Chevalier
Brian Chevalier

Schroon Lake , NY 12870

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The strength of this program is in its simplicity. Students already possess the skills to be mindful in their everyday lives. When students are intently working on a drawing, or running carefree on the playground they are simply being present. Their minds are not lost in worry about the past or worry about the future....they are just "being present." Brian’s delivers his ideas with fun, interactive songs that reinforce his message. Brian's program Mindfulness - Freedom Within, achieves several goals. First, through a line of inquiry, Brian helps students realize that they ALREADY possess the skills necessary to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Your school will experience some mindful breathing and learn when it might be useful to employ. They will also learn that there is more to mindfulness than breathing and meditating. Other important points and “tools” connected to mindfulness are things like gratitude, empathy, acceptance, being of service to others and impermanence (This too shall pass) Once students realize that they ALREADY possess the skills necessary to practice daily mindfulness, Brian points out when and how we can intentionally use these skills (that we already possess). We can intentionally use these skills when we are feeling stressed, worried and anxious. Having these mindfulness skills already within us is kind of like having a superpower...the only question is....when and how do we use these superpowers to help ourselves stay present, calm and mindful? As much as teaching the students the important principles and techniques behind mindfulness, Brian is giving teachers ideas to use in their classroom to help create an atmosphere of mindfulness. Brian does not expect, especially the younger kids, to remember all of the ideas from the assembly. That’s where the teachers can come in by reminding kids of these ideas.

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Cost Single: $700
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45 minutes