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JOURNEY Arts in Education Program
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Huntington Arts Council
Sueey Guitierrez

Huntington , NY 11743

Program Description
JOURNEY Arts in Education Program was established in 1985 by Chairperson Sandy Chapin, local area educators and in partnership with district administrators. The K-12 program is administered through the Huntington Arts Council’s Arts in Education Department with the help of district liaisons. The mission of JOURNEY is to integrate cultural arts into classroom curriculum encouraging an individualized experience and appreciation of cultural diversity through the arts. School districts partner with the JOURNEY program for an all-inclusive, arts-educational, interactive resource. The main components of the program are: CTLE CULTURAL ARTS WORKSHOPS FOR TEACHERS – These workshops are opportunities for teachers to expand knowledge and gain valuable teaching ideas and techniques through cultural arts professional development programs. The Huntington Arts Council is a certified sponsor for NYSED for Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE). Five courses are offered of three hours each, a total of 15 CTLE hours, including some Language Acquisition hours. VISITING ARTISTS- When partnering with the Huntington Arts Council JOURNEY Program, districts receive funding to book Visiting Artists in their schools. Teaching artists representing a variety of cultures are available for workshops, residencies and assemblies in school districts. These are coordinated with district liaison. DISCOVERY LENDING CHESTS – Investigate cultural artifacts right in your classrooms. Portable chests are transported to and from schools. Classrooms discover artifacts from China, Native America, Africa, India, Latin America, Greece, Ancient Egypt, Japan, and Russia. HIGH ARTS SHOWCASE - The High Arts Showcase consists of an exclusive visual art exhibition and a performing arts event in collaboration with the Huntington Arts Council. Student artists from Journey partner high schools are chosen by their teachers to participate in either event. These opportunities enable students to gain experience in presenting their talents and also with promotion and interaction with the arts community. See more at -

Social Studies, Visual Arts (VA) , Professional Development

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K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,Professional Development

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Global / Multicultural Studies , Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education , ,

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Cost Single: $5800/district/year
Cost Multiple: na

120 minutes