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Create a Mural with/without Students
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Ronald W. Becker
Ronald Becker

Deer Park , NY 11729

Program Description
Ron (artist) will create and paint a mural in your school at an agreed upon location. Artist will submit at least 2 themes for consideration after consultation with school administration on location, size, intent and desire for mural’s purpose. Upon approval of theme, Ron will present a rendering to scale of mural content for administrator approval. Upon approval, Ron will consult with teachers to assess student abilities, group size and schedule painting groups. Prior to student participation, artist will transfer all images onto mural walls so images are clear and easy to understand. Sketches with color will be referred to as needed to help student understanding. Process for student participation: When students arrive, Ron will explain the steps and techniques to paint areas designated for each group. Once all students understand what and how to paint their area, the students will paint their part of the wall, receiving guidance and support from artist and assigned teacher(s). Ron will answer any questions and be a guide and support during the student sessions, with teachers and assistants ensuring students stay within the designated area and use safe practices. Areas that students paint will be adjustable for students requiring assistance, due to functioning level or limitations. Artist will: Provide all painting materials and equipment to be used by artist/students. Use tarps and care to ensure clean, safe environment. Create a schedule coordinated with the Principle/teachers conducive to the needs of students and school staff. Provide instruction to all painters using affirmation and encouragement to help artists do their best. Provide instruction on color mixing, brushing techniques and ways to create a variety of textures, looks on the walls. Provide follow-up guidance during application to ensure student comprehension. Clean all brushes and materials at end of each day. Provide an estimated time line for project from transferring images onto wall(s) to completion of mural. School will: Work with artist to prepare schedule conducive to all parties involved. Prepare all walls with designated color (white latex or semi gloss) prior to drawing images on walls. Repair all cracks and holes in walls so painting surface is smooth and durable. Provide ladder & scaffolding for artist use, as needed. Cart & storage area for materials when not in use. Sink and area to clean brushes.

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Cost Single: $9 - $12/sq. ft.
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60 minutes