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Cultivate Kindness K-2
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ReesSpecht Life Foundation
Richard Emmett Specht

Sound Beach , NY 11789

Program Description
Children's book author, and former educator, Richard Specht's presentation inspires your K-2 students to look beyond themselves and see the effect their small acts of kindness can have on others. Using an animated version of the award winning children's book "A Little Rees Specht Cultivates Kindness", the program demonstrates how kindness and a positive mindset can help us overcome life's obstacles. Students are engaged to look at kindness like a seed that they can plant. Mr. Specht will bring along real seeds and question the children as to how/what they can do to make them grow. Rich then takes those attributes they mentioned and ties them into the idea that if we want kindness to grow we need to cultivate it, just like our seeds. A sing along to “We are spreading the seeds of kindness” follows. Rich finishes by tying everything back to the book and ends the presentation challenging your students to use their super-power of kindness and spread the seeds of kindness. All students and staff in attendance will receive “seed of kindness” cards to motivate them to go out and spread some kindness. Includes follow up coloring activity. Your students will see, first hand, how even our smallest actions can be world-changing. Mr. Specht leaves students with the image of a map showing where all the over 380,000 seeds of kindness (inspired by his family's real-life story) have spread worldwide. The assembly ends with a challenge to all in attendance to go out and make the world a better place… one little "Rees' piece" at a time.

Storytelling (TH), Science ,

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PreK,K,1,2,Professional Development

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Cost Single: $1000
Cost Multiple: $500

30 minutes