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KerboomKidz dance and fit -In Person
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KerboomKa Inc.
Kershel Anthony

Port Washington , NY 11050

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KerboomKidz is a energetic and challenging group exercise program that is specially designed for kids Pre k to 12 grade). KerboomKidz is a great way for students to be engaged in a high-energy dance fitness class while improving their physical coordination and focus. The step by step choreography allows the students to understand the movements while jamming out to the latest trends in music. They will be having so much fun, they will forget that it is a workout! The best part of the program is the SOCIAL EMOTIONAL aspect . Through the sessions the students are encourage to repeat positive words and affirmations . Our instructors will have your students feeling good, confident and better about who they are as kids. We not only promote the physical aspect for students but we highly engage in the mental aspect. the combination makes this program amazing. Kerboomkidz is different from other student fitness curriculums because of its easy to follow format. Through repetition and practice, students will find the class engaging and easy to follow while feeling a sense of accomplishment by the end of class. Kerboomkidz' goal is to increase student’s health by creating a non judgmental environment while improving children’s memory, physical coordination and social emotional skills. Kerboomkidz’s raises student’s confidence and stimulates their physical and mental states. We strive to inspire a positive and healthy lifestyle among students and showing them that ANYONE can have fun with dance and fitness! Sessions: $350 per session (40/45 minute class) 50 kids or less. Assemblies: $450 per assembly (1 hour class) 51-125 give or take. * Multiple assemblies of 5 or more and Sessions of 10 or more, we give a discount of up to $25 off per assembly.

Dance (DA), Health ,

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PreK,K,1,2,,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,Professional Development

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Arts: Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts , Social Emotional Learning , ,

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Cost Single: $450.00
Cost Multiple: $450

60 minutes