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Designing a Coat of Many Cultures: A Multi-Cultural Textile Designing Experience
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Madona Cole-Lacy
Madona Cole-Lacy

Wantagh , NY 11793

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Designing “A Coat of Many Cultures™” is a visual arts-based program designed to encourage students to explore and express concepts of their cultural heritage, customs and personal experiences while they connect with and celebrate their appreciation of cultural diversity; foster a sense of cultural awareness and healthy pride that will be an added benefit to the school culture. To prepare for this workshop, students get a dose of authentic cultural enrichment as they gain skills in communicating and developing interpersonal relationships with seniors, elders and other family members in their communities. The research and fact-finding process will result in the feeling of a sense of usefulness for all involved as they share their cultural heritage and participate in activities in which their opinions count. Students gain skills in basic textile designing processes and multi-cultural visual arts techniques. Mrs. Cole-Lacy will introduce various traditional tools and techniques used to adorn fabrics and create textiles around the world with which students will create theme-related collages on fabric panels for a giant coat of many cultures. Part Two of this residency includes a collaborative element with textile artist, Madona Cole-Lacy, who will design and construct a giant Coat of Many Cultures™ that will capture the creative spirits of the participants and feature the individual art panels they have designed. This coat will include elements of the artist’s own West African-inspired textile artistry influenced by her cultural heritage as part of the cultural narrative. Upon delivery and installation of the Coat of Many Cultures™, plans for the final component of this residency will be put in place — the community connection culminating event! This activity will create an opportunity for participating students to present cultural enrichment to family members and the rest of the school population by elaborating on the thought and art-making processes behind their contribution to the coat. This final component is subject to being tailored to the needs and abilities of individual institutions. Cost includes workshop and coat assembly materials, Artist’s fee and fees for designing and assembly of the coat.

Visual Arts (VA), Social Studies ,

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity , Arts: Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts , ,

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Cost Single: NA
Cost Multiple: $5,220/6 days per group

90 minutes