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In the Footsteps of Marco Polo - Explorer-in-Residence Program
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Return to Venice LLC
Denis Belliveau

Douglaston , NY 11363

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"In the Footsteps of Marco Polo" is a groundbreaking educational experience based upon Explorer, Author and Filmmaker Denis Belliveau's incredible two year odyssey retracing the entire route of the famous 13th Century Venetian from Europe to China and back. With gripping storytelling, award winning photography and clips from his Emmy nominated PBS documentary film -- "Denis provides a lens for students to see the world in real, different and meaningful ways, weaving in historical a way that makes you feel like Marco Polo himself is telling you about his journey." - Jim Conti, The Pegasus School, Huntington Beach, CA. Whether it’s a single day, multi day or full week 'Explorer-in-Residence’ program Denis offers a mix of inspirational live talks, individual classes and inspired project based learning workshops which transport students on a remarkable journey through time, history and the rich tapestry of cultures along the fabled Silk Road. Designed to hone critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills, this one-of-a-kind model offers unlimited potential for discovery and growth in the Humanities and STE(A)M skills through its broad base of studies including, but not limited to, Cartography, Culture and Religions, China, the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery, Documentation, Comparative Texts, Global Citizenship, “Mastery”, Writing, Filmmaking and Photography. “On a higher and broader level, Denis’s lessons are about recognizing and following an intellectual and spiritual passion; it’s about doing the hard work to perfect your craft; it’s about learning how to move and communicate across cultural and political boundaries.” Watch the film; visit Denis' gallery of stunning photography; view our “Explorer-in-Residence” (EIR) modules; and much more! Denis is a photographer, author and explorer whose career has taken him to over 70 countries and whose work has been widely published in books and periodicals including Photographic Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine and the companion book for the BBC documentary series, Planet Earth. A graduate of the High School of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts, he is the recipient of numerous awards from professional photographers organizations as well as Eastman Kodak’s highest honor, The Gallery Award. An avid scuba diver with over 600 dives on the Mesoamerican Reef, which extends nearly 700 miles from the Yucatan Peninsula to the Bay Islands in Honduras, he helped create the definitive map of the reef system for the island of Cozumel, Mexico. In 1996 he was inducted into the renowned Explorers Club on account of his remarkable achievements and received an Emmy ® nomination in 2009 for writing and directing his acclaimed documentary film, “In The Footsteps of Marco Polo”.

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Cost Single: $1500
Cost Multiple: $3000 per full day on-site

60 minutes