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Patricia Dempsey- Author, "Silly, Silly Mary"
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Patricia C. Mulligan Dempsey
Patricia C. Dempsey

Bay Shore , NY 11706

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Program includes a read aloud and discussion of my journey in writing and becoming an author. I offer two programs that are inspired by the story of "Silly, Silly Mary." Program 1: Feelings & Emotions Fostering emotional intelligence in young minds involves educating children on recognizing emotions and developing effective coping strategies. I share a sweet tale featuring the main character, Mary, who exemplifies the power of kindness in inviting friends for a day of fun and imaginative play. After the read-aloud, a thoughtful discussion ensues, accompanied by a matching game that highlights various emotions and behaviors, showcasing how the students manage and address them. For the follow-up activity students will collaborate together in a discussion on how they navigate certain behaviors. Students individually complete an illustration and writing activity to demonstrate their understanding of behaviors. The students will also have the opportunity to purchase the book. Program 2: Reading & Writing Color Words Expressive writing is a crucial element in nurturing young minds, fostering both personal and academic growth. It acts as a powerful channel for children to explore and make sense of their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. During the read-aloud students are introduced to the enchanting world of colors and the magic they bring to writing. As the story unfolds, students develop a strong connection with the lovable characters, who become like close friends. To deepen their comprehension, an interactive activity awaits, where students match the story characters to their favorite colors, and the images they created in the story, adding an element of fun to the learning process. This emotional bond sparks their imagination and ignites their creativity, inspiring them to craft their own illustrations and stories during the program, reflecting their unique personal experiences. After each program teachers will be gifted an activity book for follow-up lessons.

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Cost Single: 600
Cost Multiple: 400

60 minutes