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STEM Expansion - In-Person
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Prismatic Magic, LLC
Hope Volpe

Fort Worth , TX 76110-0678

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Supercharge the learning and the fun – and get your kids excited about science – with our educational blockbuster bonus package: the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Expansion! Add up to twenty minutes of interactive laser science demos to one of the following shows of your choice: American Pride, Halloween Spooktacular, Winter Holiday Adventure, Black History Laser Tribute, Spring Jam, Lasermania or Prismatica. Open the presentation with an extended exploration of color, perception, and laser science. Conclude the assembly with a Q&A led by our Laser Science Teacher. Get unlimited access for both teachers and students to our online video resources. Available as an add-on to select laser shows, our STEM Expansion extends your laser assembly with up to twenty minutes of additional educational engagement. Take a behind-the-scenes peek at the laser science secrets that we use to create our amazing shows. Your audience enjoys up to a full hour of scintillating science, marvelous music, and exclusive opportunities to interact with our expert Laser Science Teacher. And excited students get to ask us any questions they can imagine in an inspiring Q&A to cap the show! Our STEM Expansion explores physics and optics through visual learning and mind-blowing demonstrations. We exemplify scientific principles with a simulated Jedi laser lightsaber, through laser optical illusions, and by exploding a balloon with laser light. It’s guaranteed to keep the children cheering and eager to learn more. Then the students are treated to a forty-minute laser show, with a theme of your choice, to act as a thrilling application of the laser concepts they have just learned. The wild laser animations and high-energy popular music are even more compelling because the students now understand the secrets behind our shows. The STEM Expansion also unlocks access to our exclusive online video resources for the entire school year. This provides additional educational content to foster your students’ scientific curiosity, long after the music fades. Maximize your students’ enjoyment and engagement with the Prismatic Magic STEM Expansion!

Visual Arts (VA), Science , Media Arts (MA)

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Science , Arts: Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts , ,

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Cost Single: $1199
Cost Multiple: $299/add'l

60 minutes