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Alphabet, Color & Number Show with Music and Movement
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Touch Point Productions and Publishing Inc.
Linda Taylor

Central Islip , NY 11722
(631) 805-8696
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Program Description
In this captivating educational performance, Linda Taylor (aka Diane Divine) will seamlessly integrate the new Arts Standards to engage and inspire students. Throughout this high-energy live show, Diane will skillfully incorporate alphabet, color, and number songs, all strategically aligned with the Arts Standards for teaching core concepts through music and performance. Using her dynamic stage presence, Diane Divine will introduce each category with a change of outfits, capturing the attention and imagination of the students. To facilitate active participation, she will utilize a power point presentation, dynamically changing the lyrics for each song, enabling students to sing along and reinforce their understanding of alphabets, colors, and numbers. Additionally, Diane Divine will employ large letter, color, and number cards, encouraging volunteers from the audience to hold them up during each corresponding song. By involving the students directly, she will promote collaborative learning and create a fun and interactive experience that fosters a deeper connection to the material. As an educator committed to optimizing learning opportunities, Diane Divine has thoughtfully curated the show's content, selecting only one verse of each song from her YouTube channel. This strategic decision allows for a concise and impactful presentation within the 45-minute timeframe, ensuring that students remain fully engaged and attentive throughout the performance. The result is an awe-inspiring show that effortlessly aligns with the Arts Standards, providing a powerful educational experience where students will not only dance and sing but also reinforce their knowledge of alphabets, colors, and numbers. Diane Divine's innovative approach to merging entertainment with education is sure to leave a lasting impact on young minds and cultivate a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.

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Arts: Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts , Health, Wellness, Physical Education , ,

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Cost Single: $850
Cost Multiple: $625

45 minutes