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The Joy of Poetry Workshop
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Touch Point Productions and Publishing Inc.
Linda Taylor

Central Islip , NY 11722
(631) 805-8696
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Joy of Poetry Workshop Model #1 In this Poetry Workshop, Linda will skillfully align her approach with the new Art Standards, which emphasize fostering creativity and expression through diverse art forms. Through a captivating Power Point Presentation, she will not only introduce herself and her children's poetry books but also incorporate The Joy of Poetry, a concept that encourages students to explore the wonders of poetic expression. With a strong educational connection, Linda will then guide the students in an interactive and immersive experience, utilizing music and movement to bring the poems to life. By doing so, she will not only promote artistic appreciation but also provide an opportunity for the students to actively engage with the art form. Through acting out, reciting, and singing poems from her books, this workshop promises to be an awesome sing-along, effectively reinforcing the essential learning outcomes of the new Art Standards. Students will develop an understanding for the joy of poetry, nurturing their creative abilities and self-expression in the process. Joy of Poetry Workshop Model #2 (40-50 students) In this Poetry Workshop designed to align with the new Arts Standards, Linda will engage students in an immersive and educational experience focused on children's poetry. Through the use of a Power Point Presentation, Linda will introduce herself and showcase her own collection of children's poetry books. The presentation will also serve as a platform to introduce the concept of "The Joy of Poetry." As the workshop progresses, the Poetry Power Point will transition into an interactive session, where students will learn about the art of crafting an acrostic poem. The last slides of the presentation will reveal the exciting task ahead: the students will have the opportunity to create their very own acrostic poems. To aid the creative process and encourage descriptive writing, Linda will facilitate a brainstorming session with the class. Together, they will collaboratively construct a class acrostic poem on either a whiteboard or chart paper. This exercise aims to provide a better understanding of the underlying craft and elements of poetry. Equipped with paper, pencils, and a character trait chart ranging from A to Z, students will delve into their individual poems, selecting descriptive words that align with their chosen character traits. This approach fosters both creativity and critical thinking as students delve deeper into the thematic aspects of their poems. Following the individual writing phase, Linda will encourage peer interaction by organizing a think-pair-share activity, allowing students to share their creations and receive feedback from their peers. This collaborative aspect fosters a supportive and constructive learning environment. In conclusion, this Poetry Workshop offers an enriching opportunity for students to explore the world of poetry, express their creativity, and develop their descriptive writing skills. By adhering to the new Arts Standards, Linda ensures that the workshop not only inspires artistic expression but also nurtures educational growth and a love for the joy of poetry among the students. A truly rewarding and enjoyable creative writing experience awaits all participants.

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Cost Single: $850
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45 minutes