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Build with Clay
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Moriah Britt
Moriah Ray-Britt

Huntington Station , NY 11746

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In this workshop, students are invited to create small clay pieces using air-dry clay materials. Moriah will show a few samples of what can be done with ‘hand building’ and coiling with clay, and talk about the history of claymaking. Students will be provided with air dry clay, and they will experiment with forming shapes using their hands as well as basic clay tools. Moriah will guide the lesson to creating a small vessel, and students can make a small vessel and/or sculpture using this technique. The pieces will air dry within one to two days. Moriah will work with educators to fit this workshop to complement the curriculum. This technique can be applied to lessons in Science, Social Studies, and ELA. For example, the workshop could complement the Odyssey literature that the students are reading, or applying to the social studies curriculum when studying ancient times. Moriah will tailor the lesson to fit the curriculum timing. It can also be that this workshop can be a destresser for students, and Moriah will guide the clay-building process for this kind of experience. This workshop can be completed with a class of students in one or two sessions. Workshop 1 is creating our clay pieces. Workshop 2 is optional and Moriah will return to pain and seal the clay pieces with the students. An optional third session is available, where Moriah can work to display and exhibit the student’s artwork, conduct a positive and encouraging discussion where students can interpret each other’s work, and celebrate their achievements. Moriah can also create a brief video showcasing the finished pieces and create a digital animation of the student work to provide to the educators for this optional second session.

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Arts: Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts , History (World/US) , ,

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Cost Single: $400 per session, $6 material fee per student
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60 minutes