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Creative Writing Workshop w/Michael Champey
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Michael Edward Champey
Michael Champey

Greenvale , NY 11548

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As an author, I will share with the students the key points of how to write a story, no matter the length. As I discuss how to start the process, I will include my own experiences of how I brought my books to life. Who loves to write? Who loves to draw? Who loves to read books? Well, those are things I love to do! And today I’m going to share my secrets on how to write an epic tale or short story. Not all stories have to be really long. Some can be tiny - a paragraph even. That’s the kind of story we’re going to work on today. But of course, you can always make it longer at home. Let’s get started. Writing strategy number one. Pick your favorite writing tool to start off with. Whether it’s a pen or a computer keyboard, it’s whatever gets you motivated to put your ideas down. What’s your favorite tool? Writing Strategy number two. What type of book do you want to write about. This is called the genre. It tells the reader what kind of adventure they’re going to get involved in. Where do you want to take your reader. Perhaps to castle or another planet or game nine of the baseball World Series! Writing strategy number three. Who are your characters? What do they look like? What are their names? This is the fun part and the part where you can become really creative. So put on your creative caps on and begin creating the next Harry Potter or Alice in wonderland! Writing strategy number four. What is the problem? All great stories have at least one problem in them. Think about the trouble or obstacles your hero will face. How will the hero overcome this problem? Who or what is stopping them from achieving their goal. What lands do they have to cross? And who will they meet along the way to help them? Writing strategy number five. Quite possibly my favorite part. The really cool cover that shows the reader a picture of what your story is about. So get your paint brush or favorite drawing apps ready cause we’re going to draw the most epic cover design yet!

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