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The Amazing Activity Zone
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Omnium Circus
Lisa Lewis

Brooklyn , NY 11217
718 875 0428

Program Description
THE AMAZING ACTIVITY ZONE The Amazing Activity Zone is a full or ½ day workshop for the entire school. Every student will have the opportunity to learn basic circus skills as well as the scientific principles that make these skills possible. Students will also learn positive social interactions. This is appropriate for all abilities and all learning styles. Especially affirming for those with disabilities of any sort. The event normally takes place in the gymnasium. Each individual session is 45 minutes. There are 5 sessions. Generally the sessions are divided by grade level. Each session has 5 stations and students will rotate to each station during the 45 minute session. The skills and science taught are: 1. HAND BALANCING: Students learn to balance a peacock feather on their hand. It demonstrates the Center of Gravity and Balance. 2. BOOMERANGS: Students learn to make and throw their own Boomerang: It demonstrates Air Foils, Aerodynamics and Lift. 3. JUGGLING: Students learn how to juggle silk scarves with a partner. They can learn to juggle 3 scarves together. It demonstrates It demonstrates Gravity, Terminal Velocity and Team Work. 4. PLATE SPINNING: Students learn how to spin and balance a plastic plate on a stick plastic plate on a stick. Working with partners they can learn to pass the plate to their partner. It demonstrates Centrifugal and Centripetal force and team work 5. ROPE SPINNING: Students learn how to spin a small lasso. With practice they can learn to spin with both their right and left had. It demonstrates Angular momentum. 6. OPTICAL ILLUSIONS: A series of Optical Illusion signs are placed at each station for the students to observe as they take a break between each station. They demonstrate light, sight and reflection. 7. Wire Walking: Students learn how to walk across a balance beam by finding their own Center of Gravity. (Which skills will be taught at a school will depend on the number of students and the size of the space. Please note: this is a full day program for all grade levels, cost is $1750 for a solo and $2500 for a duo, PTA volunteers welcome and encouraged) NY Science Learning Standards: P32.A, PS3.C, ETS1.A

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Cost Single: 1750 1 artist and school personel, 2500, 2 artists
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