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Career Day Inc. In-Person Panel Assembly Program
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Career Day Inc.
Beth Bucheister

Oyster Bay , NY 11771

Program Description
The Career Day Inc. Panel Style Assembly Program is a truly unique experience where students are connected with a panel of professionals in various fields. Career Day Inc. works closely with each school to create a panel that best meets the needs of the school. Panel options can be Local or "homegrown" entrepreneurs, 21st-century careers, Employee vs. Employers, Trades vs. Desk jobs, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) panel, a full range of careers, or a panel customized by the school which will provide students with an eye-opening lesson in life's enormous possibilities. Career Day Inc. reaches out to the school alumni and local professionals to be speakers, as well as professionals from across the country. The program often starts with an inspiring opening by a keynote speaker. Then, panelists share their stories and insights about their careers and inspire students towards personal and professional success through career choice awareness. Our program creates an atmosphere of acceptance and career opportunity for all students. We emphasize the importance of setting goals and using education to achieve one's aspirations by providing a forum for every student to feel valued and confident in the future. Ample time is set aside for questions and discussions between the panelists and students. Students are encouraged to submit questions in advance to ask any or all panelists meaningful questions about specific industries, challenges, skills needed for new careers, etc. and speakers provide relevant information appropriate for their academic level. Students with the most compelling questions are rewarded. Career Day Inc. enhances its offerings and demonstrates to students that unfamiliar challenges can often lead to powerful new beginnings.

Storytelling (TH), Authors (TH) ,

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Cost Single: $3000-$4500
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90 minutes