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Black History Laser Tribute - Virtual
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Prismatic Magic, LLC
Hope Volpe

Fort Worth , TX 76110-0678

Program Description
Bring fun and learning right to your computer screens, smart boards, and projectors with our new line of wildly popular virtual shows. Virtual field trips that come to you combine the best elements of our in-person shows with never-before-seen skits and are sure to bring a laugh and a cheer. Make the most of remote learning in your classroom, at home, or both. And we provide maximum flexibility with your schedule, so no one will miss out on the fun. Just tell us the date you’d like to enjoy the show. Then we provide a show invitation link for you to share with your teachers and students. Your school gets access to the show for the entire day (normally 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM), so classes can all watch the program at the same time, or each class can enjoy it on their own schedule. Either way we will dazzle your students with a virtual assembly brimming with lasers and performances beyond even what we can provide in person! Blast into the past with a dazzling celebration of African Americans’ contributions to our nation’s history. For forty minutes, students will be transported through time as a brilliant laser light show entertains and educates them with vivid laser animations set to a rocking soundtrack. In terms of fun assemblies with educational value, the Black History Laser Tribute is second to none and is adored by students and teachers alike. The program takes the audience on a musical journey through history that highlights the profound contributions of African Americans to our culture and our country’s rich past, providing students with an important opportunity to enhance their comprehension of and engagement with Black history. Our “Time Machine” combines the power of lasers and music to produce an engaging and educational assembly experience – perfect for Black History Month or MLK Day celebrations – that will leave your kids wanting more.

Music (MU), Social Studies ,

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity , History (World/US) , ,

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Cost Single: $599
Cost Multiple: $200/add'l 400 students

45 minutes