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In the Footsteps of History's Greatest Explorers Digital App
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Return to Venice LLC
Denis Belliveau

Douglaston , NY 11363

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In The Footsteps of History’s Greatest Explorers is a tech-forward social studies enrichment program that immerses students in the courageous stories of the adventurers of yesterday and today. Guided by renowned explorers, this visceral learning experience features inspirational journeys that build knowledge, expand world views, and foster respect for other cultures, all the while demonstrating that through passion, hard work and perseverance, even the seemingly impossible becomes possible! Some of the extraordinary people we feature are household names, while others ought to be. All are heroes in their pursuit of knowledge and adventure, not just because they conquered mountain peaks and endless deserts, but also for the steely resolve with which they faced down the racial, gender and social prejudices of their times. Educators and students, alongside modern-day expedition leaders, were involved in the development of this digital curriculum, featuring student-centered VR* games, and learning activities, that maximize student engagement and provide multiple opportunities for self-driven learning. Beautifully crafted modules enrich any World History, Global Studies, Economics, Geography, or Ancient History curriculum. Students will discover the cultures, religions, resources, and geography of both the ancient and modern world through exciting, explorer-led VR field trips, map-making and games. Every activity is aligned with state standards and has an attached lesson plan, graphic organizers, videos, teacher scripts, and extensions for all levels. Lessons are crafted to build on each other, check for understanding, and emphasize critical thought and discussion. There are themes for written work and discussion prompts for older students, and all grades will enjoy creating art and learning through team competitions. Our easy-to-use customizable, password protected teacher and student dashboard is the hub for setting up classes, accessing all games and activities, administering ready-to-go assignments per module, distributing documents, submitting and receiving student work and monitoring student progress throughout the program. Modules can be done in order or individually selected based on time allowance per class. *VR works with or without headsets

Social Studies, Visual Arts (VA) ,

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4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,Professional Development

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Social Studies , History (World/US) , ,

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Cost Single: $29 per student
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360 minutes